Alex Hines Fischer on Human Context in Furniture Design

For Alex Hines Fischer, dedication is at the center of design. As an Industrial Designer for Yabu Pushelberg’s studio in New York City, he has free reign to design anything from light fixtures to casegoods for global furniture collections, hotels, and residences.

Chris Chien on Theme Park Design and Getting a Job in the Art Industry

Chris Chien, a concept illustrator who works at Rhetroactive, a global leader in location-based entertainment experiences, recently returned to the School of Design to give a talk for students, sharing with them how he used the methodology he learned at CMU to break into the field.

Man of the Cloth

Master Tailor and Carnegie Mellon University Alumnus, Joseph Genuardi, talks with the School of Design about his time in the Design studios, his current success as a master tailor in New York City, and the unique path that got him there.

Redesigning the Bra

School of Design Alumnae Laura West and Sophia Berman talk about their company, Trusst Lingerie, their successful Kickstarter campaign, and their time at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design.

Design Alum On Making Adidas Hip Again

School of Design Alumni, Paul Gaudio, was featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for his work with Adidas and his efforts to make the brand "hip" in US markets again. From the article:

Ahmed Ansari on Design Filling Human Needs

Ahmed Ansari, an MDES alumnus from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design, was featured in Medium on how design should fulfill current human needs: