Imagining Futures

Stuart Candy Unleashes “The Thing From the Future” at SXSW

The School of Design's Stuart Candy took his card game, "The Thing From the Future," to South by Southwest this spring to help teach mayors from around the country to think like futurists. "The Thing From The Future" is an award-winning imagination game and tool for envisioning alternative tomorrows. It is published by the Situation Lab, a collaboration between Candy and Jeff Watson, a professor in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

Transition Design

Global Experts Prepare to “Transition Together” Toward Sustainable Society

On June 21, the 4th Transition Design Symposium, Transition Together 2018, will be held on the Dartington Hall Estate in Devon, England. This symposium will, for the first time, bring together representatives from major movements and initiatives to discuss the urgent need for sustainable societal transitions and systems-level change, and initiate the connections that will make rapid transition possible.

Featured Video by Joshua Eiten

Words in Motion is a project that explores making visual the spoken or written word. The words on screen provide an interpretation of how words are spoken (their pacing, emphasis, volume) in a given setting or how written words may sound if read out loud. These dynamic "performances" are closer to stage and film performances than to static words on a page of text, and are a personal interpretation by an individual student. This example is from Joshua Eiten in 2015, when he took the course, Time, Motion & Communication.

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