Laser cut blocks that spell out the word design.

At its heart, design is about solving problems, so it’s not surprising that businesses and institutions are embracing the value of design—and that the demand for design professionals has never been greater. Yet, many creative students are unaware of the diverse and rewarding career options available to them in the field.

The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon is among the oldest and most respected programs in North America. In our undergraduate programs, students have opportunities to learn to design products (industrial design), communications (graphic design), and environments (both physical and digital spatial interactions).

They study with some of the most esteemed faculty in the world, preparing to launch careers as digital designers, product designers, environment designers, graphic and communications designers, illustrators, biomedical designers, and fashion designers, among other creative professions.

Our graduates go on to positions with leading companies, design firms, start-ups, and nonprofits. Some start their own businesses, while others become design researchers and educators. The career possibilities—and the potential for designers to make a positive impact on the world—are limitless.

We frequently host online information sessions for high school administrators and educators who are interested in learning more about design education at CMU. Watch this space for information about future sessions and how to register.

Info session recorded on 4/5/2021 with Melissa Cicozi and Dylan Vitone.