An arial photo of the campus of CMU

Welcome to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city that’s recognized globally as a center of research, education, and technology.

Pittsburgh offers exceptional quality of life for our undergraduate and graduate students. It’s been named America's most livable city, most affordable city, and safest for walking—and it's among the best cities for young entrepreneurs.

The skyline of Pittsburgh

In addition to plenty of affordable housing on or near our campus, you can walk or bike to world-class libraries, parks, restaurants, and museums such as The Warhol, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Mattress Factory.

Campus also sits right next to beautiful Schenley Park, where First Year students take on some of their first design exercises.



Both in and outside of the classroom, you can expand your awareness by getting to know people from around the world who have highly diverse interests. And, by attending the School of Design’s lecture series and additional programming, you can develop your critical thinking about design, academic, and societal issues.

Live the design studio life.

Pre College students working in a studio

Our design studios are exciting, creative spaces that allow students to be fully immersed in the process of design. Working alongside like-minded classmates, you’ll find encouragement, critiques, inspiration, and opportunities for innovative collaboration.

You’ll also have 24 hour access to a secure studio and desk that serves as a classroom, dedicated individual or collaborative workspace, and your home base.

The CMU Campus Experience

Students giving a thumbs up at a pumpkin carving event.

Carnegie Mellon offers a vibrant campus experience with over 350 clubs and organizations to serve the academic, social, physical, and spiritual well-being of students.

CMU students are passionate about their extra-curricular activities. From athletics and business to board games and music, there are organizations devoted to almost every interest. The University also provides a full range of resources to support your academic, financial, health, and technology needs.

The CMU Marching Band

In addition, Carnegie Mellon's AIGA and IDSA student chapters provide valuable opportunities for communication design and industrial design (Products) students to learn more about their fields and form vital professional connections.

Go to the CMU Student Experience for more info on everything you'll need when you get here like: