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The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University is one of the oldest and most renowned design schools in North America. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, the University is recognized worldwide for its advances in research and for its unique fusion of arts, engineering, sciences, humanities and social science, and public policy.

Design Education at CMU

Education at the School of Design is an exploration of humanity and sustainable systems. With a focus on interdisciplinary learning, our programs prepare students for real-world design challenges by working collaboratively across fields as varied as journalism, engineering, fine arts, social work, computer science, anthropology, psychology, and business to develop a holistic understanding of design.

Our programs attract students from all over the world who want to develop their innate creative talents, conduct research, and launch or advance their design careers. This rich and diverse learning environment enables them to learn from each other and build strong professional networks and social connections.

School of Design graduates enter the field with the technical and collaborative skills and perspectives to confront real problems, recognize opportunities, and create innovative propositions and solutions that have impact and purpose in the world.

Our Degrees

CMU’s School of Design offers bachelors, master’s and doctorate programs that consistently rank among the best in the world. We are one of only a select number of schools in the U.S. offering a PhD in design.

Undergraduate Degrees
Master's Degrees
PhD in Transition Design

The School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University is a leader in the evolution of design research, practice, and education. Graduates of our programs work as designers, researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs across a vast range of industries in multinational tech, service, and manufacturing companies and design firms; nonprofits, government, healthcare; their own ventures; and colleges and universities.

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