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Carnegie Mellon University is one of only a select few top-ranked universities worldwide to offer interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees.

The Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (BHA), the Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA), the Bachelor of Engineering Studies and Arts (BESA), and the Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts (BCSA) are interdisciplinary, intercollege degree programs that allow students to combine humanities, sciences, or computer science studies with selected programs in the College of Fine Arts — of which the School of Design is a part. The BHA, BSA, BESA, and BCSA programs are collectively grouped and identified as BXA Intercollege Degree Programs.

As a student in the BXA design programs, you’ll gain broad exposure to design and the humanities or sciences. While a Design major may take 26 design courses and 15 outside courses, most BXA students take 12 design courses and pursue the balance of academics outside the School of Design.

Many BXA design students go on to graduate school, capitalizing on their unusually diverse education. Those heading for the job market work in areas focused on the humanities or the sciences — such as information systems analysis, user research, or strategic planning — where design skills such as visualization and problem-solving are a plus.

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Please visit the BXA Intercollege Degree Programs web site for additional information. Students can also contact Jamie Kosnosky, the design advisor for BXA programs, or Stephanie Murray, the BXA programs director.

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