Undergraduate Program Admissions

Welcome! We’re excited that you’re interested in applying to our undergraduate degree program in the School of Design.

Every year, the School of Design aims to enroll 40 students in the School of Design Undergraduate programs, which include a Bachelor of Design, a Minor in Design, and a specialized BXA Design degree. This diverse array of programs ensures that we cater to various interests and career goals within the design field. Please note that only a very small number of those 40 students are enrolled as BXA Design students. The vast majority of students in the School of Design are Bachelor of Design students. Please note that the School of Design does not accept BXA students during Early Decision. Only BDes applicants are considered during Early Decision. All BXA applicants will be considered for Regular Decision.

There is a two-part process required to complete your application; the first is your application to the University using the Common Application. The second is submitting the materials required by the School of Design (see below).

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Here's what you need to know to apply.

Already an Admitted Student?

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