Welcome, Alumni!

Welcome to our School of Design Alumni section! Time and time again, visitors to our program who are considering the significant commitment and dedication that it takes to study in the School of Design, tell us that the one factor that sways them here is the incredible community of designers and the amazing things they are doing, both within our School, and in countless professional careers across the country and around the world. The connections alumni make with our prospective and current students, fellow alumni, and back with us, are a vital part of the direction and reputation of the School.

We are gradually expanding our website, working toward a comprehensive list of alumni in each graduating class with their degrees and majors, and space to include details such as current career and title, and links to professional websites & portfolios.

We would love to see you featured here, and invite you to stay connected through our alumni e-newsletter and events. Are you a School of Design alumnus? Please take a moment to fill out this form to make sure we have up-to-date contact information.

Thank you!
Bruce Hanington
Fall, 2019

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