Master's Programs

I am interested in your Communication Planning and Information Design degree. Do you still offer it?
We have made several changes to our graduate programs to better serve the variety of students interested in pursuing careers in design. We have combined our two previous degrees, the Master of Design in Interaction Design and the Master of Design in Communication Planning and Information Design, into a single degree: MDes in Design for Interactions. An emphasis on communication and information design remains an integral component of the new MDes, in Design for Interactions, both through required coursework, electives and electives within and outside the program.

I don’t have a design degree or previous design experience and want to do a master’s degree. Is that possible?
Our new postgraduate programs offer several pathways for students with no previous design experience. Our new one-year Master of Arts in Design (MA) degree is intended for students with no previous design experience who would like to transition into a design career or add design as a complement to their existing professional profile. Our MA degree followed by our one-year Master of Professional Studies  (MPS) degree would qualify a student with no previous experience for a variety of design-related positions. The MA can also serve as a gateway to our MDes degree or our three-year professional doctorate (DDes) or other degrees at CMU. More on the graduate pathways for non-designers.