Alumnus Burton Morris Invited to Create Art for Legendary Chanel Fragrance

Burton Morris 2023 banner image

It’s a classic brand and fragrance known the world over and represented by some of the most celebrated models and actors of our time, among them Marilyn Monroe and Catherine Deneuve. Now, Chanel No. 5 can boast two Carnegie Mellon University alumni associated with this iconic brand: School of Art pop artist Andy Warhol and School of Design pop artist Burton Morris. Their work appeared side-by-side in Paris recently at the Grand Palais Ephemere. 

Burton Morris photo

The exhibition was a one-month celebration of the iconic Chanel No. 5 bottle and, according to Morris, was “truly an incredible show.” Morris was invited by Chanel to participate in the show after having collected pieces of his art for – namely, their Chanel bottles – during the last 15 years through an independent gallery. The artworks were chosen to exhibit for this special event, and they asked Morris if they could display them.

“I was so honored to have been a part of this incredible event with my Chanel No. 5 bottle paintings hanging alongside fellow CMU grad Andy Warhol and his six Chanel No. 5 paintings on display,” Morris said. “All of the different rooms were brilliant, and the show was such a visual treat to everyone who was there!” 

Morris, a 1986 graduate, and his wife, Sara, traveled to Paris for the December 2022 exhibit. He said he was especially pleased to see the placement of his work with Warhol’s, who served as a major influence on Morris’ career.