Christina Yang Named a 2023 - 2025 Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow

2023-2024 Schwartz Fellows
Headshot of Christina Yang

Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design is proud to announce that Christina (Yawen) Yang (MDes '25) has been named a 2023 - 2025 Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow. The Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellowship fast-tracks the careers of Carnegie Mellon University's first year graduate students who are passionate about entrepreneurship in the technology arena. The highly selective program develops each Fellow's entrepreneurial potential and leadership skills through hands-on experiences, networking, mentoring and courses in entrepreneurship.

From the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship:

Christina Yang is an award-winning human-centred technology designer and a Master's candidate in Design for Interactions at CMU. Beyond the academic field, she boasts a decade-long commitment to the intricate art of photography, particularly in creative lighting applications. This dedication has enabled collaborations with industry giants like Sony Music, PepsiCo, and PurplePearl Magazine.

She positions herself amidst the juncture where technology and creativity converge. As an innovator at heart, Christina perceives lighting not only as a tool but also as an expansive field for innovation. Her goal is to design an innovative and transformative solution that elevates the art and science of illumination in photography. Wielding her lens as a photographer, she cultivates a nuanced understanding of the problem context; wielding her expertise as an interaction designer, she tailors solutions to address those identified issues. She also developed and executed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to build and maintain a robust social media presence for her photography works across platforms like Instagram and Xiaohongshu, which hold an audience of 10,000 members in total.

Christina has been involved in business since a young age with her family's B2B international business in manufacturing and wholesale. She usually participated in international fairs such as the Canton Fair and ISM Cologne. During her undergraduate summer breaks, she participated in Gulfood (2023) in Dubai, UAE, as a sale with a successful transaction volume of over 1 million USD.

Outside of Christina's professional pursuits, she has a profound passion for playing musical instruments, watching movies, reading and studying astronomy. These pursuits grant her moments of mindfulness, strength, and wisdom. At her core, she considers herself a people's person, always eager to connect, help, and uplift those around her. She fervently advocates for the power of collective intelligence, believing that when we support and aid one another, we can build a community of shared knowledge. She values every conversation as an opportunity for mutual growth and learning, reinforcing her commitment as a lifelong learner.

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