Confluence: Our Student Job Fair

Each year more some the country’s top companies attend Confluence, the School of Design’s career event, to tap into our pool of talented graduates. In the weeks leading up to Confluence, our students work closely with faculty advisors to prepare their resumes, portfolios, and interview skills. Students have the chance to speak with prospective employers, discuss their work, and take them on tours around campus.

Confluence - 2024

February 15-16, 2024

For Confluence this year, we'll be taking particiapting companies through our studios to meet our students directly for one on one interactions.

If you’ve never attended Confluence before, you might anticipate a typical career fair with booths, students with stacks of resumes, and other normal sites. Confluence, however, is anything but your typical career fair. Instead, students open the door to their studios to showcase their work, talk about what their passions are and how they manifest in their designing, and what they hope to find in full-time or internship opportunities.

These companies—and many others—have attended and recruited our students at Confluence in recent years: