Minor in Design

Minoring in design is a great way for students to diversify their studies and incorporate design skills and thinking into their overall academic experiences. Students who are already School of Design majors are not eligible to earn a design minor. 

Minor in Design course curriculum

For a design minor, students must complete 54 units: 27 units of required courses, plus 27 units of design electives. All courses must be unique to the design minor.

Required design courses

  • 51-261 or 51-262 Design for Interactions for Communications (formerly CDF) (9 units)
  • 51-264 Design for Interactions for Products (formerly IDF) (9 units)
  • 51-173 Human Experience in Design (9 units)

Three design electives:

  • 51-xxx (9 units)
  • 51-xxx (9 units)
  • 51-xxx (9 units)

The balance of coursework (27 units of design electives) is drawn from design courses that are scheduled in consultation with the design advisor. You must have design advisor approval before registering for these courses. Students’ home advisors should help them integrate minor or elective courses with their overall plans for graduation. 

Keep in mind that a minor is not intended to be an overload.

More information 

Students must submit completed applications by March 1. They must also provide a name and email address for their major advisors. The minor application form includes detailed requirements. 

Admission depends mainly on a student’s demonstration of design skills and aptitude. Students are notified of acceptance by the end of March.

If you are interested in applying for the Minor in Design, please apply using our online form. If you do not have an online portfolio, you can also download the Design Project information. For any questions, please contact Design Advisor, Jamie Kosnosky.