Minor Gestures

Sam Colavecchio
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A book titled Minor Gestures

Minor Gestures is a print book exploring power and ownership in design. The book acts as a beginning of a dialogue on the concept of the design mind as a public resource, collective iteration as an act of community care, and how we, the community, can participate in conversations on design outside of an academic context. The thoughts I propose are printed on vellum, erased as the reader moves through the book and welcomes the reader to participate in a written dialogue on design outside of the context of academia.

The words Minor Gestures

(I poured so much heart and energy into this project and it was the first project I did in the program that made me feel like I had a perspective and and just a general feeling of "oh s***  I can do this??")

The Design Mind

More info here: https://sam-colavecchio.com/Minor-Gestures

The words expertise and ownership