Design Lecture Series

Each year our annual Design Lecture Series brings transdisciplinary thinkers and practitioners from around the world to campus, believing that the power of design addresses some of today's most pressing challenges. Our speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines including design, business, the nonprofit sector, education, science, and more.

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We hope you will join us!

The Design Lecture Series for Fall 2022 / Spring 2023

10/10/22 - Jason Yuan, Human Interface Designer - 5pm EST

10/31/22 - Cas Holman, Founder, Heroes Will Rise - 5pm EST

11/07/22 - Fred Bould, Design Director & Principal Partner, Bould Design - 5pm EST

12/07/22 - Pedro del Corro, Graphic Designer, Dropbox - 1pm EST

02/13/23 - Margot Bloomstein, Principal, Appropriate, Inc. - 5pm EST

02/20/23 - Hilary Hayes, Coversation Designer, Facebook - 5pm EST

02/21/23 - Robert Brunner, Founder & Partner, Ammunition  - 5pm EST

03/13/23 - Ezio Manzini, Design Academic, Author & Founder of DESIS Network - 5pm EST

03/20/23 - Joseph Han & Sanuk Kim, Creative Director & Design Director, Collins - 5pm EST

03/27/23Talia Cotton, Designer & Coder, Pentagram - 5pm EST

04/03/23Mylène Dreyer, Interaction Designer - 5pm EST