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Image: Caption: Design the Future 04/12/2017 Design the Future LIVE with John Thackara John Thackara LIVE at 5pm on 04/12/17!Earth Repair: The Kinds of Growth We NeedThe next economy is about meeting daily life needs in ways that... more
Image: Caption: Independent Study 04/12/2017 Design Student Transforms Book Covers With ‘Recovered’ Faith Kaufman, a Junior Communication Design student at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, just debuted Recovered, a solo art exhibit... more
Image: Caption: Capstone Projects 04/04/2017 Working With Community on “I Lived, We Live: What Did We Miss?” “Life is both fragile and resilient. We must remember, but we must also live.”This is from the syllabus of “I Lived, We Live: What Did We Miss... more
Image: Caption: Student Accomplishments 03/28/2017 Shoot and Score! Increasing Green Practices in the Stadium Environment Last semester, students from Carnegie Mellon University’s innovative course “Design and Policy for Humanitarian Impact,” taught by Kristin Hughes and... more
Image: Caption: Conferences 03/20/2017 Design Faculty and Students Attending TEI 2017 On March 20-23, the 11th TEI Conference on tangible, embedded and embodied interactions will be held in Yokohama, Japan. This year, the conference... more
Image: Caption: Design Entrepreneurship 03/17/2017 CMU Alumnus Highlighted by Forbes for Building a ‘Bridge for Billions’ Pablo Santaeufemia, an dual-master's alumnus (Mechanical Engineering / Engineering & Technology Innovation Management) from Carnegie Mellon... more
Image: Caption: Design the Future 03/13/2017 Design the Future with Sara Hendren Wonder & SkepticismSara Hendren is an artist and design researcher whose work engages adaptive and assistive technologies, prosthetics,... more
Image: Caption: PhD Research 03/08/2017 PhD Candidate Aims to Bring ‘The Art of Democracy’ to Communities “When stakes are high, let us help you bring stakeholders and policymakers together.”That is the overarching mission statement of The Art of... more
Image: Caption: Design the Future 03/06/2017 Design the Future LIVE with Sara Hendren Sara Hendren LIVE at 5pm on 03/06/17!Wonder & SkepticismSara Hendren is an artist and design researcher whose work engages adaptive and... more
Image: Caption: Design the Future 03/03/2017 Design the Future with Ezio Manzini Ezio Manzini, Honorary Professor, Milan Polytechnic, Founder, DESIS NetworkThe Politics of Everyday Life: How to Implement a design-based... more