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Image: Caption: Social Innovation 11/30/2015 Design and Social Justice Intersect in New Health Literacy Elective At times, reading the list of side effects on a given prescription can feel undeniably similar to reading the fine print on a legal document. The... more
Image: Caption: Alumni Success 11/19/2015 Design Alumnus Celebrates 100 Years of the Coke Bottle Burton Morris, an alumnus from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design (BFA ’86) is best known for his bold, graphic pop art depictions of... more
Image: Caption: Transition Design 11/09/2015 The School of Design Launches "The transition to sustainable futures calls for new ways of designing that are based upon a deep understanding of how to design for change and... more
Image: Caption: Alumni Success 10/26/2015 Chris Ioffreda on the Pebble Watch and the School of Design When a Kickstarter exceeds it’s goal by a factor of 19 million dollars, you know you have an idea that means something to people.Chris Ioffreda, a... more
Image: Caption: Guest Speaker 10/19/2015 Dhairya Dand Speaks at the School of Design Dhairya Dand, an award winning researcher, designer and engineer gave a talk at Cranegie Mellon University's School of Design on 10/12. His selected... more
Image: Caption: Alumni Success 10/12/2015 Alex Hines Fischer on Human Context in Furniture Design For Alex Hines Fischer, dedication is at the center of design. As an Industrial Designer for Yabu Pushelberg’s studio in New York City, he has free... more
Image: Caption: Entertainment Design 10/06/2015 Chris Chien on Theme Park Design and Getting a Job in the Art Industry Chris Chien (ID ’10), a concept illustrator who works at Rhetroactive, a global leader in theme parks, museums, retail, food & beverage,... more
Image: Caption: Sustainable Design 10/05/2015 Designing the Future This story originally appeared in Carnegie Mellon TodayIt’s the year 2050 in the city of Pittsburgh. Everything is so different compared to just 35... more
Image: Caption: Alumni Success 09/30/2015 Man of the Cloth “Just as a side note,” Joseph Genuardi says midway through his interview with the School of Design past Sunday, “there is an element to custom... more
Image: Caption: Grad Success 09/24/2015 Master’s Students Show Off Inclusive Design at Microsoft Design Expo Each year, Microsoft Research sponsors a semester-long class at leading design schools around the globe. Students are asked to design a user... more