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Survey of Design: Communicative Shapes

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When entering the program, students often have pre-conceived notions of the profession and are challenged to really observe the world around them. Thus, students investigated an assigned intersection in Pittsburgh through writing and a camera lens, paying close attention to details that they often miss and learning how design influences the people and activities that occur in that place. As a second step, students translated their photographs into 2d compositions using cut paper. Not only did the progression aid the development of their craftsmanship skills, it also introduced them to storytelling through simple shapes and the basics of color theory.
by Hee Seo Chun
Walnut and Maryland Intersection
by Jenny Hu
by Kyle Lee
by Jessica Nip
Intersection Projecct
by Remy Davison
by Joo Hee Kim
Communicative Shapes
by Carolyn Chheath
Communicative Shapes
by Zining (Ethan) Ye
Communicative Shapes
by Anna Gross
Communicative Shapes
by Asher Blackburn
by Maddy Cha
Communicative Shapes
by Rachel Glasser
Communicative Shapes
by Matthew McGehee
Communicative Shapes
by Liam Van Oort

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