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Student projects spanning Sophomore to Senior Level Studios in the Product Design track.
Product Form Toaster
by Joseph Kim
by Morgan Fritz
Coffee Table
by Daniel Kaufman
KitchenAid Food Container System
by Jesse Klein
Sharing Water
by Kyle Lee
Shepherd: Bicycle Safety System
by Mina Kim
Optimizing the Usage of Fertilizer
by Jessica Shen
by Robyn Lambert
Bio Medical Engineering Design
by Sharon West
by Rachel Ciavarella
Visual Brand Language
by Justin Finkenaur
by Lauren Goldstein
Enhancing dust mask usage
by Yooyoung Ko
The Pursuit of the Perfect Lawn?
by Ji Young Ahn
Kiosk Redesign
by Lauren Zemering
by Diana Sun
Primitive Hand Tools
by Lea Cody
Salad Tongs Compilation
by Adella Guo
Productform: Fire Alarm
by Ian Shei
Interactive Radio
by Asher Blackburn
by Matthew McGehee
Productform: Fire Alarm process
by Ian Shei
Aesthetic Repair: Bent Spoon
by Emily Spooner
Product Form Toaster: Physical Models
by Nicole Yu
Redwood Twist
by Daniela (Dani) Delgado
Redwood Documentation
by Eliza Pratt
Concrete Origami
by Kyle Lee
Cove: Fire Alarm Call Point
by Conner Harden
Trestle Table
by Barbara Sudick
by Jonathan Kim
GM Semi Autonomous Interface
by Sharon West
Parking Meter
by Justin Finkenaur

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