Student Work

Confluence 2016 items (as of 1-25-16)

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An Immersive Reading Experience Using Augmented Reality
by Kaylee White
Lisa Otto's Portfolio
by Lisa Otto
Jeffrey Houng - Work
by Jeffrey Houng
Mina Kim's works
by Mina Kim
Confluence Portfolio
by Miriam Buchwald
Lizzy Nolin
by Lizzy Nolin
Selected Portfolio
by Danae Paparis
Senior Communication Design
by Yoon-ji Kim
Confluence Portfolio
by Lucy Mou
Confluence Gallery: Reflection Space
by Allison Huang
Junior Year Projects
by Diana Sun
NuoLingo - Airbnb Hackathon Prize Winner
by Tiffany Jiang
Calvin Keetae Ryu_MDES Interaction Design Projects
by Calvin Keetae Ryu
Facebook Campus Wall
by Julia Wong
Gene Hua
by Gene Hua
Selected Works
by Chloe Chia
The Info Bay
by Kevin Gao
Product + Systems + Motion + Visual
by Daniel Kim
by Carolyn Zhou
Confluence 2016
by Stowe Hammarberg
Sarah Foley- Confluence
by Sarah-Marie Foley
Portfolio Excerpt
by Lauren Zemering
Youjin Nam Projects
by Youjin Nam
Opt Out: An Inclusive Smoking Cessation Tool
by Hannah Rosenfeld
Industrial Design Work
by Maximilien Stein
Confluence 2016
by Jessica Headrick
John Soh Confluence Projects
by Nina-Marie Lister
Steven Ji Design Porfolio
by Steven Ji
Sample Portfolio
by Alex Palatucci
Min Kim: Interaction Designer
by Min Kim
Confluence Reel
by Christie Chong
Pack--A Community of Members Working to Quit Smoking
by Julia Petrich
by Catherine Oldershaw
Mackenzie Dunn | Portfolio
by Mackenzie Dunn
At the Bus Stop
by Saumya Kharbanda
selected works '16
by Rachel Chang
by Celina Liao
Intelligent Systems for Time and Space
by Tracy Potter
Maggie Banks Design Gallery
by Maggie Banks
Confluence 2016 - Selected Works
by Xingsuo Liu
Select Work
by Sophia Parrinello
Selected Works
by Jessica Shen
Gina Huang Confluence 2016
by Gina Huang
Selected projects gallery
by Shannon Cui
Portfolio Overview
by Sara Remi Fields
Selected Projects
by Lucas Ochoa
Morning Dew
by Ashwin Ramesh
Selected Projects
by Dixon Lo
Portfolio — Confluence 2016
by Kaitlin Wilkinson
Confluence 2016 Reel
by Praewa Suntiasvaraporn
by Lauren Goldstein
Iterative Design & Research projects
by Ashwin Ramesh
by Shruti Aditya Chowdhury
Title IX
by Hae Wan Park
Natalie Harmon
by Natalie Harmon
Project Overview
by Brian Yang
Confluence 2016
by Ragahavendra Kandala
Strengthening the mental health support system @ CMU
by Julia Larrabee
Selected work
by Gabriel Mitchell
Facebook Business: TRP Sharing Tool
by Stephanie Jeong
Everybody Shapes Education
by Stephanie Jeong
Compilation of Projects
by Heidi Kang
Confluence 2016
by Marisa Lu
Confluence 2016
by Bettina Chou

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MDes/MPS Communication Design Studio: Navigating Information
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Learner Experience Design
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C Studio II: Designing Communications for Interactions: Designing Systems
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C Studio II: Designing Communications for Interactions: Resonating Facts
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Survey of Design: Light Engines
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Survey of Design: Time-based Instructions
On a daily basis, we are inundated with a mass of information that LOTS of people can, and do, trans...

Survey of Design: Biomimic People Mover
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Survey of Design: Communicative Shapes
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MDes/MPS Communication Design Studio: Visualizing Patterns
We’ve all seen data visualizations—some of them effective; many of them simply pleasing graphics...

MDes/MPS Communication Design Studio: Making the Abstract Concrete
It’s safe to assume that all of us have encountered information that was difficult to understand...

MDes/MPS Communication Design Studio: Navigating Spaces
Navigation through physical and digital communication pieces is often impeded when the structure of ...

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